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Personal Training

In order to design a fitness program that suits your needs, we look at the overall picture of you and your lifestyle to create a program that works just for you.  We look at and incorporate everything from diet, posture and stress factors to your goals and fitness levels and everything in between. 

We want you to Get Addicted to taking care of yourself, because at Get Addicted Fitness & Personal Training... IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

As your Personal Trainer’s we will design an individual program based on your needs and fitness level.  We will help you set realistic goals and help you to achieve them, if necessary providing daily support and motivation and we will monitor and track your progress.  One on One Personal Training is ideally suited for those who want quick results.  As your Personal Trainer we provide a comprehensive service which includes:

Fitness Analysis

This is completed during your first PT session.  A Fitness Analysis assesses your cardiovascular capabilities, upper and lower body strength and your core strength.   Your Fitness Analysis will also look at your body composition which includes posture, height, weight and body measurements.

Exercise Rehabilitation & Corrective Exercise

As your Personal Trainer, we can help you recover from acute to chronic injury, postural deviations, disease processes such as osteoporosis and help rectify any underlying problems you may have through the use of exercise and the building of muscle strength in conjunction with your medical professional. 

Dietary Analysis & Advice

This is done through the use of a food diary which is maintained for at least 7 days along with a food quiz to check your vitamin and mineral intake.  Dietary advice is given if the analysis indicates any areas which need improvement to help with your overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

Weight Management & Loss

In combination with your personal exercise program and a balanced eating plan you should see good results in a short period of time provided you follow the exercise regime. Counselling is provided to assist you with modifying dietary habits and behaviours to help with weight control.

Cardiovascular Workouts

This will include running activities (short & long intervals, Fartlek and tempo training) which is the most effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness and lose body fat, along with circuits, boxing, plyometrics and exercises such as step ups, stair and hill climbs to give you a complete workout.

Strength and endurance training

Our strength training sessions will include the use of your own body as resistance (e.g. push up) along with TRX Suspension Training, resistance bands, cable pulley, hand weights, barbells, medicine balls and kettlebells  just to name a few.

Core Strength Training and Stability

Through the use of a program designed to incorporate Cardiovascular Exercise, Resistance Training, Agility, Boxing and Strength Training via TRX Suspension training, weights, cable pulley, Fitballs, Bosu ball or body resistance and Total Body Workouts we will help you build and maintain your core strength and overall stability.

Stretching and Flexibility

Each session will always include Stretching to improve the range of motion of the joints, fascia, ligaments and tendons for a general feeling of well being and to help you cope with the demands of daily living. This also includes a take home stretching programme.

Small Group Training

Although Small Group Training does not come with all the trimmings of Personal Training, it allows friends to share the cost of a personal training session whilst still getting a more one on one style workout.   Having somebody else to motivate you throughout your workout is an added bonus along with the friendly competition.

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