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Metafit HIIT Training

Cecil Hills Public School
Leopold Place, Cecil Hills.

Our venue includes parking, toilet facilities and undercover areas.

The Metafit™ bodyweight training system is an effective and simple exercise method to burn fat by changing your resting metabolic rate. We do this by working big muscle groups with high intensity intervals. The EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption – or ‘after burn’) you experience will see you burning fat at a quicker rate than you would be exercising in the ‘fat burning’ range.

Created by a former Royal Marine Commando and a national gymnast, Metafit™ combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata techniques to set your metabolism on fire!  Metafit is the original HIIT workou!

Metafit classes are 30 minutes in length and are held in the Hall at Cecil Hills Public School.

Tuesday & Thursday 6am




4 Reasons to Give Metafit a Go

Metafit is a HIIT workout where you will cycle through bursts of maximum effort followed by active recovery periods. Metafit blends anaerobic and aerobic activity which gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns fat in less time.

  1. It revs up your metabolism and keeps it going long after you finished your workout. Working out at 100% of your max is hard but manageable in short bursts vs. the Herculean mental and physical challenge of keeping that kind of intensity up for long periods. Fortunately, the combination of anaerobic and aerobic activity is great for your metabolism which ticks up and stays there for at least a day after your workout while your body recovers.
  2. Efficiency. With Metafit, you can reduce the amount of time you devote to working out. The cycle of flat out work, recovery, then more flat out work is such a great cardio workout you can compress the amount of time you devote to working out and get even better results.
  3. Adaptable. We can adapt Metafit workouts to your level of fitness and physical health. Remember that 100% is based on your fitness level so a professional desk jockey will start off with a significantly different version of 100% than a professional athlete. Also, if you are dealing with an injury the variety noted above means you can work around many limitations and keep at Metafit workouts while you recover.
  4. Heart Health. Metafit workouts push your heart into the anaerobic zone. This will increase your endurance and improve your cardiovascular efficiency. Now won’t the doc be pleased, when your resting heart rate drops to that of a 20-something!

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