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HIRT - High Intensity Resistance Training

HIRT Philosophy is based on using the principles of proper strength training through low volume & High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT), safe & slow with no compromise.

HIRT is an exercise system of High Intensity Resistance Training designed to improve muscular strength & endurance, cardiovascular capacity through aerobic conditioning, and natural speed & power- relative to the structural integrity of the body you’re working with.   To stimulate increases in muscular strength and size you must impose a demand on the muscles that is greater than what they normally experience in their natural environment.  Exercises must be executed with an all-out effort until it is impossible to perform another repetition in good and safe form (commonly referred to as Momentary Muscular Failure.)

HIRT is a specialty designed weight training program which focuses on utilising the whole body for a high intensity workout.  You will be taught the proper way to lift weights and how to safely train to gain strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness while changing the shape of your body.  Designed for making your body as strong as possible while shedding unwanted fat.

It is recommended no more than 3 sessions per week and no less than 2 to achieve optimum results.

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HIRT Philosophy Developed by Christian Marchegiani.
HIRT education provided by Christian Marchegiani and Sean Mclean.

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