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Bootcamp / Outdoor Group Fitness

Work out and build your fitness in these intense Bootcamp sessions.  You will see quick results in your level of fitness and have lots of fun challenging your body and mind.  We know that exercise can be boring, so at Get Addicted we try our very best to vary every training session!

Bootcamp is a group program where you train with like-minded people on a regular basis while still being able to work at your own fitness level.  We will provide a  fitness assessment and provide motivation and support to the whole group.  Bootcamp is a cost effective way of exercising and improving your strength and fitness levels.  Used in conjunction with a balanced diet this can be an effective method of weight loss.


BOOTCAMP 6 week programs run MON, WED & FRI 6am to 7am.
at Cecil Hills Public School, Leopold Place, Cecil Hills.
Our venue includes parking, toilet facilities and undercover areas.



Our Bootcamp sessions include, but not limited to:

Fitness Assessment Flexibility
Circuit Style Training Core Stability
Cardiovascular Workouts Group Challenges
Strength and Endurance Workouts    


Fitness Assessment

As a benchmark, the fitness assessment is used to test your cardiovascular capabilities, upper & lower body strength and core strength. This is done on a regular basis and will enable you to monitor your progress over the upcoming months.

Cardiovascular Workouts

This will include running activities (short & long intervals, Fartlek and tempo training) which is the most effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness and lose body fat, along with Tabata style training, circuits, boxing, plyometrics and exercises such as step ups, stair and hill climbs to give you a complete workout.

Strength and Endurance

These exercises focus on resistance using bands, hand weights, medicine balls, kettlebells, sandbags, ropes, TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Trainer and body weight resistance to build your overall fitness, strength and endurance levels.  How good is your staying power?

Core Strength Training and Stability

Through a program designed to incorporate cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, agility, boxing and strength training via weights, TRX or body weight resistance we will help you build and maintain your core strength and overall stability.

Stretching and Flexibility

Each session will always include stretching to improve the range of motion of the joints, fascia, ligaments and tendons for a general feeling of well being and to help you cope with the demands of daily living.

Group Challenges

A set of group activities and games designed to get teams to compete against each other in a fun and challenging environment.


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